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by Prince of Darkness

When they asked me what genre to tag this album as I said “Lofi everything!” which makes sense to me, but makes it much more difficult when stores don’t even recognize barely any of the many many genres and subgenres that exist out there nowadays anyway.

Having the idea for quite a while before starting. I wanted to do an album themed around magick and witches. I couldn’t help but lace it with the idea of rituals and the paranormal. But I wanted to do it in a way that was absolutely none hereditary to anything else I’d ever heard before.

At first I thought about doing something with pagan folk, but it was too obvious. Why does it have to conform? it doesn’t. So I focused on just creating the feeling of enchantment, eeriness and wonder, with auditory moods that paint an image in your mind. Keeping the overall tone of everything as a whole quite chilled.

Below, I explain in very much detail about each and every track on the album. You should have a listen to the album first and then read the write-ups, just to see if I conveyed what was intended. Then listen again once you know.





Track 1: Back on you Threefold


Track 2: Caffiene potion bed head


Track 3: A Coven Dance Ritual

To dance is a ritual by definition, we move and step rhythmically in time to the music. People often stand in circles as they do, sharing the moment, to celebrate, to commemorate. It brings people together, closer, a shared passion. Unity.

To loose yourself in dance is allowing the music to control you, it’s about letting go, opening yourself up to your own mind and letting it ride upon the rhythm. Freeing yourself, if only for a moment, from life’s trivialities.

I played two chords on an electric organ, and loved the tone they gave. I built the rest of the album around that. I wasn’t going for anything technically expressive musically, just more of a solid rhythm. With a bass line that conjures up a kind of primal feeling along side the rhythmic higher frequencies, creating a subtle chaotic pattern in the mind. Just simply allow your subconscious to take over and move with the coven.

Track 4: Dancing With The Demons Under My Bed

There has long been a belief that all demons are inherently evil entities, monsters that need to be destroyed and sent back to where they belong. I hated that idea as a child, and it wasn’t because I thought that I had anything in common with them. It was because I thought they were more scared and lost, than the epitome of evil that stories would have you believe.

It must have been lonely living in a strange place they didn’t recognize, where everyone just wanted to hurt them for simply just existing. Any of the demons under my bed were always fed well on chocolate biscuits, and together we would all just dance our fears away.

 I had two friends that lived under my bed when I was a child, and this is what they sounded like when they sang to me. Until one day they just left, leaving nothing but these memories in my head. I know it’s silly, but recreating them like this in a way makes them real again, even if it’s only for a few minutes. And just like that, we’re back there again, dancing around my room as they take turns singing into the microphone, together again. 


Track 5: Forbidden Incantations

An incantation is at it’s simplest, a spell, words that have a significant meaning that act as a totem, or even a metaphor for a manifestation of some kind. An incantation can work on an abundance of psychological levels, the most common form of an incantations purpose, is producing a paradigm shift in first person. For example, ” You can do this, you can do this, you can do this”. It’s not exactly complicated or poetic, but it’s elegant and helps the mind believe. The cost only being the energy and time you put into the action.

Forbidden Incantations however have more of an equivalent exchange across a more social field. Although sometimes you might win the lottery. You can’t break reality using just the words you want to believe. Words of the ego. The ego that absolutely isn’t a genie. That empty space you’ll have made with the energy you use will only be filled with hatred, bitterness and resentment. You will become the actual stereotype of the hag.


Track 6: In Love With A Ghost


Track 7: Leader of the Wild Hunt


Track 8: Mechanical Magick

Using the words of the old worlds, old mindsets that spill into the present. The romance of nostalgia along with the mythical and the twisted legends. We live in a world filled with the improbable, we can talk to each other whilst being miles apart as though we were in the same room. We can instantly see what’s going on around the world, like looking into a crystal ball. We can trap music in a card and listen to it whenever and wherever we want. 

I often wonder what we would call those that design and create cars, planes and rockets. Phones, computers and games. Medicines and the most cutting edge medical techniques. Would they be called wizards? sorcerers? witches? maybe even gods or at least something close to one. But no, it’s all normal to us. We call them things like Patricia, Stephanie, or Bill. I wonder how long it’ll be until we’re at the point where we’ve got automatons cooking for those that can’t anymore. Oh wait, we actually do. 

Track 9: playing With Time

How much time passes in a year when you live each day in almost the exact the same way? 

Your calendar will tell you the obvious answer, a year, duh. But what would your mind tell you? What does an entire year feel like with absolutely no real change? A year with only just the minor nuances that’re barely even noticeable? 

I’ve always heard people say things like. “Where did this year even go!?” and “This month passed by like a minute!”, “Time is just a blur to me at the minute”. It’s as though the mind can barely tell one days memory from the last. 

Track 10: Thinning the Veil



by Prince of Darkness