Get Ur Sword is Developing a Horror Game

by | Oct 15, 2021

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Get Ur Sword is Developing a Horror Game

GUS studios

GUS studios has just announced the beginning stage of development for it’s first horror/ adventure game has just started. The games project name is “A Game” and was incepted in September 2020, the underlying story concept and stylization aesthetics was then posted onto the Get UR Sword Instagram as video stills, with audio.

The series was posted in reverse order, and in turn inadvertently confused any of the people that were expecting reasonably detailed pixel art pictures, but instead were treated with a series of very retro pixel art in it’s rawest form for a month. GUS studios stated that the point was to simply just get the short story out there. It was one of many, but this one struck a very certain chord and needed to be put out there for later reference.

The short story “A Game” (As seen in the video above) is the inspiration for the horror/ adventure game GUS studios is now working on. The video has been stylized more to fit more its own aesthetics, but GUS studios also stated that the game is not going to be an exact carbon copy in reference of the art style or visual aesthetics. But will have its essence and soul.

This is a quick explanation of the video. Starting from the beginning, the main title glitches slightly and then the story starts with a highly optimistic soundtrack. Theme, is the name of the main character. He shows you around his town, pointing out a few odd characters. You quickly learn he loves to live quite care free and curiously.

Theme notices some red on the floor, and when it touches it, somehow it becomes stuck to his hand. He can’t get it off no matter what he tries. A little guy sees the red on Themes hand, and goes of to tell Gunny what he saw. During that time, Theme decides it would be best to just go to sleep, in some kind of belief that maybe it’ll all be ok tomorrow.

A little time passes. The little guy shows Gunny where Theme got the red on his hands. Theme is now awake, and releases that he still had the red on his hands. Gunny appears next to Theme, calling him a murderer. Terrified, Theme runs away, tears streaming down his face, pleading to just be left alone as Gunny chases behind.

The little guy blocks Themes path, stopping him, screaming at him, calling Gunny over. It’s as though Themes life is destroyed, he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He looses his mind… And just at that moment, as Theme tries one more time to negotiate, for some sanity. Gunny suddenly appears behind Theme, holding a gun to the back of his head.

Before Theme even gets to finish what he was saying. BOOM!!. Gunny pulled the trigger. The bullet went straight through, blood flies out through the hole made in his forehead and he falls to the ground, dead. Gunny stands of his lifeless body, not saying a word.

There is nothing but silence now. The little guy just stares, but then his whole body turns red. All you can see are his bright white eyes glaring through. And then he laughs an evil laugh. As the world fades to darkness. There is now no light, no sound, nothing.

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