A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works

by | Oct 11, 2021

Chase Lumen has announced that he is working on a retrospective album, to help tell the story of Chase and the Dead. A now disbanded group in which, both Chase and Rip Damon where both members of. ↓

A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works

Chase Lumen has just recently announced that he is currently working on putting together a new album, made up of previously unreleased tracks from his previous band Chase and the Dead. He is also concurrently working on his own solo album as well.

Chase expressed in detail; “There’s a massive amount of importance in doing this Chase and the Dead album, there’s a huge story in it. To be honest, it was actually against what we stood for, releasing something with a label. But now we’re disbanded, I feel like the story needs to be told and documented in some way.

We all went through a lot in those years of us being active, you know it’s  like they say… Blood, sweat and tears and all that. I mean, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one. I don’t know, maybe it should be something more like… Smiling through all the trauma, and cradling the good when it comes.

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And that’s the plan… I just want to tell our story. I need to talk about everything, about myself, about my friends, about what we went through, about what we witnessed… Everything. And what I’m putting together for this particular album, it’s a good introduction to an insight with in the first halve of our journey together. 

Firstly, also.. I want to be clear, these are all live pieces which we played either in a venue, live on stage or in a studio bar. I’ve been going through hundreds of our tracks, thousands if you count the repeats, in order to find what could be used.

This selection tells the story from around 2008 > 2009+ which was about the point where my song writing transitioned into a much more cynical format. When our entire social structure the world over, was rapidly changing. Don’t get me wrong though, this wasn’t the core of inspiration but seeing all the narcissisms with in the nature of what we actually are. That definitely was an important ingredient. 


So there’s a real rawness to the sound, it’s not crisp and top quality so I get that it wont be for everyone… My own, solo stuff on the other hand, is being done in what I’d rate the best studio in the UK right now, so… The more you know, I guess. But yeah, even though we could record everything. These recordings… That was us then, when it was real. The emotions that we all felt at that time are all in those recordings.

We all agreed this is the best way, and that I should just talk. Talk about our journey. Obviously we all had our own problems that I will talk about in time. And even the lyrics I wrote, sometimes they came from debates and lengthy conversations we’d have through the night, putting the world to rights.

So even though, we are all pretty much on the same wavelength, you might say. I’ve always been the one that could articulate it through carefully constructed poetic sentences, to deliver lyrically. So because of that I was definitely  the most emotionally fueled out of us.

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But to be honest, I don’t know if that’s true, I mean Rip might disagree with me on this, maybe. Because I know he put a lot into the music, we all did… But Rip really went somewhere with it you know! I mean, I can loose myself in the music when I play… But again! Rip!.. 

People tend to consider me as an extrovert. And that’s true, I act out, I do what I want, in front of people and I don’t feel embarrassed for saying what I feel, or for having fun when others dare not. Don’t get me wrong, I care what people think of me.

I’m just as honest with myself as I am with others. Because I believe that that’s an important way to be, for me at least. But again my extroverted-ness is exactly why I was the front-man, I want to shout out everything I feel. In hope that someone out there feels like me when I do. 

So if I’m the extrovert, Rip Damon is absolutely the introvert… If that guy could fold into himself just to look at his own atoms, I’m pretty sure he would! When I said he really went somewhere with the music, I’m not kidding… I’ve never seen a better example of someone more capable of  introspection than him.


And I mean this to the point where it was almost like he could produce emotions through the sound, like he was grabbing at abstract metaphysical collections of nuance with thoughts, notions and experiences. Then somehow transmuting it all into sound. Of course I’m mostly talking about the stuff he wrote on his own… It’s incredible. 

Don’t get me wrong though, in the band I’d have an idea on what I wanted the sound to be like. Usually giving a chord structure to go with with. He’d just listen to what I said and come up with something on the spot instantly. Pretty much exactly what I had in my head.

I think I said this the other day when you interviewed me. That the dynamics that we had as a band were just incredible, when it came to making music together, it just worked. And we all never really had the same experience with any other band.

I’ve just realized that I’ve not even started talking about Kris and Archy yet… And I probably shouldn’t, because we’ll be here all day. But yeah, I’m putting together a small collection of live tracks from Chase and the Dead, and I’m going to be telling our story.” 

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My apologies for that, yeah… I tapped my watch because we had to wrap it up. Trains and traffic and all that! There’s just never enough time, but there’s always another day. I’ll be linking the follow up article below once it’s done otherwise, feel free to check out the previous interview with Chase; “Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead”  


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