Fight Breaks Out at Eerbl00d Nightclub Appearance

by | Nov 18, 2021

Clubbers where left confused and music-less at the Bull Ring Nightclub in London last night, as a seemingly unprovoked attack took place in the DJ booth towards the end of Eerbl00d’s one hour set. The two that were involved in the altercation gave very contradicting statements on what happened, and both refused to press charges. There were some witnesses who also saw the scuffle briefly, but every account of the event is different.


I spoke to the clubs owner Mona Ruti , who stated; “It’s always a shame to see violence in places like this, specially when everyone’s here to have a good time. To dance, socialize, have fun, be with the people! But when something like this happens, that’s all gone. People stop, they get scared, people leave. The might not ever come back. This is not what my customers should ever have to feel. I’ve worked so hard at making this an artistic haven for the people. A place for allowing the expressional freedom of raw energy. Aggression! Very much has it’s place here, but not in violence, only in dance!


And seeing something like this, and how the mood just dropped like a wet towel on the floor. It goes against everything I’ve built. And just for that, none of the acts from that night will ever be aloud back here, none of them. I don’t even need to say their names, they’re all black listed. I wash my hands of it. Done. It’s a shame because talent is still talent, but still there’s a lot more of it out there, and once the milks gone sour, it’s not changing back, so obviously I’m going to throw it out.”


I haven’t been able to get a hold of Kris or the other DJ; Brobruh, for any kind of statement on the matter. Some Eyewitnesses claimed to have seen punches flailing on both sides. No-one seems to know who swung first, and neither of the DJ’s seemed to gain any upper hand over the other, it was just punching, pushing, and a lot of shouting. Other eye witnesses said that they didn’t actually see any punches actually land, but did see a lot of the DJ’s both shoving each other against things, once knocking into a speaker stack that then nearly toppled over into the crowd.


There’s also a third account of witnesses who said that they didn’t see any physical contact between any of the two DJ’s, but did see them hitting inanimate objects such as speakers, swinging cables through the air as though trying to hit each other whilst also aggressively shouting at each other with obscenities, squaring up and getting into each others faces. What I do know however is that Kris or in this case Eerbl00d is blacklisted from ever doing a show here again, and also Kris himself being permanently barred from service at the Bull Ring Nightclub in it’s entirety.


I very much intend on looking into what happened here, I’ve already arranged a meeting with dj Brobruh in the next few days to see what actually went down there, or at the least get his side of the story. Also at this point in time I’ve been unable to reach Kris at all. His phone is off, and nobody knows where he is at this point in time. If anyone does see him however, please tell him we need to talk. This is a big problem, because the Bull Ring Nightclub is one of the best venues were Eerbl00d could have dramatically built upon his act, but now that potential endeavor is null. And from what I’ve heard, could lead to complications with other venues on the R3cords venue circuit.

by | Nov 18, 2021

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