Eerbl00d House Raided By Police Over Potential Drugs Seize

by | Nov 5, 2021

Eerbl00d House Raided By Police Over Potential Drugs Seize

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At 6am this morning, Friday 05/Nov/2021 the Eerbl00d house was forcibly inspected by the Police. This was because of reports, and on going calls by the surrounding neighbors. All claiming that the Eerbl00d house is actually a dealers hub, and to what some people also claimed as some kind of security storage being used by numerous distributors. 

After the raid, the officer in charge of the operation publicly stated; “Recently we have been cracking down on all illegally organized drug operations throughout the UK, with an extremely high success rate. The success of our work is always earned, and we act accordingly to information and evidence that is collected. And this particular case we have on the Eerbl00d house had enough evidence to support our inspection. The public must remember however that this property inspection was for the sole intention of ruling out the accusations made against the house and it’s residents. And after this thorough and lengthy inspection of the Eerbl00d house, which I do need to state; has taken up twelve hours of our time. I can say in confidence that we have been able to completely rule out that the Eerbl00d house and its residents, are not implicit with-in any conspiracy or furthermore, illegal activities. We have however suggested that they publicly now enforce a no drugs policy. Which will run in parallel, with our zero drugs tolerance campaign at this current time.”      

All similar accusations made against the Eerbl00d house have now also been completely dismissed. The Police are also recovering the cost of the five security doors that were destroyed during the property inspection. 

The Eearbl00d house is no stranger to the local police, as historically many calls to the police have made to the location. These are sometimes over minor civil disputes, but in most cases are public disorder/ drunk and disorderly related. None of the house residents have ever been associated with any of these incidents. As all crimes that have ever been committed were by guests of the house.  

In the past many noise complaints were made to the house, but to combat this, the residents invested into a heavy amount of sound insulation, both to the inside of the building and also to the outside of it. Which also caused a local drama, dragging the residents into a potential trouble as some of the neighbor’s complained that the modifications to exterior of the building were actually illegal. This was of course found to be false, and in truth actually required an astonishing amount of paper work in planning permissions and other legal agreements. As well as a heavy amount of negotiating that was needed to acquire various contractors to do the work. 

I tried getting a statement from Kris about the ordeal today, but he’s unavailable due to the fact that he’s still out buying the replacement security doors. I managed to get a statement from the owner of  the company who originally supplied Kris with the security doors, he stated; “I’m actually surprised and impressed how the Police managed to get in so easily, those doors are actually made to withstand a tank running into it. You’d know that if you’ve seen my advert! You probably have! But you know I guess they’ve got all the research and the money for the right tools or something. I can’t explain it, but I can say it’s only ever been the police that’ve ever been able to break any of my doors. I really can’t say why that is though.” 

I should have a statement from Kris soon. Feel free to check out Eerbl00ds public set.


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