Behind The Sword

by | Sep 25, 2021

Here we’re going to take a brief look into ‘get ur sword’, we’ll be looking at who’s behind the music, what it’s all about, what’s going on! and what’s going to be happening in the future.  ↓

Behind The Sword

Predominantly inspired by the music of the 8 and 16-bit gaming consoles of the ’90s. In contrast, many artists who draw similar inspirations tend to lean more towards the purism spectrum. Whilst Get Ur Sword likes to mix the older aesthetics with more modern techniques. The music of Get Ur Sword is created by Kat, here’s what she had to say;

“Hi, my name’s Kat, and ‘Get Ur Sword’ is my thing, and I should really figure out a proper way of saying that!… Ah so yeah, with my music, I like to start with pure purism, and once I’ve got the feel for it. That melody, those overtones. I just stop, I make myself a drink, check some posts, buy some cool shoes. I take a step back, thinking about my music. I don’t really have a name for it but Biggs says that I approach my music with more of a progressive archetype. Which seems cool to me!

My music is about making you feel just like how you felt back when you played your favourite games… Those amazing moments when you kicked ass… That moment where you had just overcome something so impossibly difficult, but you did it and it just felt so awesome…. Those rushes of excitement, anticipation…. Fear, heartbreak, the fight, the grandeur and the majesty… Of winning! In all its forms.

The thing is, all those feelings are just so brief. They’re fleeting, gone before you even realize how great it all was, but it’s still there, happening, and your mind opens up. reflecting back… “Just then, the timing, it’s perfect! The jump, the angle!… Everything. Just perfect.”… Dopamine, dopamine….. Dopamine!.. I mean. We’re all just a bunch of junkies, aren’t we?… But still, it’s those very*, brief moments, we all forever reflect upon, and my music reflection on that.”

*(very), “very” is a Homonym and in this case is being using both of its meanings as an adjective and adverb, simultaneously.
With “very” ; [adj] in meta ; “In absolute, referring to the paradigm.”
And “very” : [advrb] in meta ;”These moments are to a high degree, brief.”

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“What’s been happening?”      

In terms of what’s happened regarding releases; Get Ur Sword, to date have released one single. That being; ‘Monomyth’. Which was then followed by two later releases that were both rearrangement tracks,  taken from Final Fantasy VII’s original sound-track score. These two tracks were available for streaming, but have since been taken down.  

The first of these two rearrangement tracks was ‘Mako Reactor’ a piece from the main ost, which is first heard during the opening bombing mission at the beginning of the game. Kat said; “I wanted my version of Mako Reaktor to have a much thicker rawness, with this huge overbearing oppressive bass tone, almost like its reaching out towards you, grabbing at you and holding you down.”

A lot of due care goes into Kats decision making process, she meticulously works on building the notion of the image it creates in her mind first. Figuring out which sounds in aesthetic terms would be best suited to build the track, all this without changing the overall original tone or the emotion it conjures up.

This track to Kat very much represents what Shinra are portrayed as in this part of the story she says; “To you the player, you’re confronted with the Shinra in a very adverse sense. Your eyes are wide open from the start, they’re a fascist organization, literally killing the planet for power and money. They’re a well organized, malignant and domineering force. Simply imagine a governmental and militarized electric company, who gets their electricity from the literal lifeforce energy of the planet.”

The beautifully tragic, ‘Flowers Blooming In The Church’; When I asked Kat about how she approached this project, I was expecting her to say that it was made to put to somebodies video essay, like a final fantasy series retrospective or something. But her answer was far from what I expected.

She said that if you’ve ever played this game, you won’t need a video! She stated. “I carefully chose all the instruments and sounds specifically for the listener, to instantly conjure up images from the game in your own head on cue… Of course you had to have played the game!” 


I was told by Kat that she has a very strong personal connection to this track. After opening up to me, I learned that this piece is very much, linked to her father. Final Fantasy 7 was a game they played a lot of together, when she was a kid. Her Father used to whistle this melody all the time.

She’s put so much work into creating her perception of the feeling this song has for her. Just so we can at the least, get to share some of what went through her mind, when she put this piece together.

But I can’t help but wonder if this piece was actually more of an expression about the relationship in which Kat had, between herself and her Father. She says that these two tracks were both done in celebration of the final fantasy 7 remake and in memory of her father.

In April 2020 Kat took a lot of time away from her projects, focusing a lot of her attention on playing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Giving the timing of the release of the remake, regarding the rest of the world; it was a lot more acceptable for Kat to recluse away in the manner she did. 

She told me that it isn’t just simply a game to her, but it’s a link to her own past, a nostalgic adventure that she once had with her father. And after finishing the first part (The remake is being released as a series of games).

Kat told me; “I feel as though the remake is very much like a metaphor to me, It’s an amazing way to reflect on my own life, revisiting the past whilst carrying so many memories of both of the game and my own life from back then when I played it with my father.”

Her eyes were watering, and I could see how much it meant to her. I’d never considered a computer game could conjure up such a strong connection. It’s an adventure they once both had together, and now it’s something that’s been built upon, expanded and enhanced. Just like how she carried on with the DSSCW AI project, building upon the adventure that they once had together. It’s beautiful.


To find out more about the DSSCW AI project, check out the article “An AI Powered Popstar”

An A.I. Powered Popstar

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