A First Glance At Chase Lumen

by | Aug 18, 2021

R3cords has just announced the signing of chase lumen, a very talented singer songwriter and pianist. Chase also has a very close history with one of r3cords’s other artists, Rip Damon. And Here’s why. ↓

A First Glance At Chase Lumen

Some of you may already know Chase through association with Rip Damon. And for those of you that don’t, first we’re going to have to talk about the now disbanded, underground progressive indie band ‘Chase And The Dead’. The band consisted of four members, Chase Lumen (Frontman), Rip Damon (guitarist), Katherine Arcana (Drums) and Kris “Bubby Bass” Buntin (Bassist). 

 The band was managed by the R3cords Artist Manager, Biggs Malone. Whom has endeavored tirelessly to keep up relations with each band member since the break-up. It’s important to note that the band didn’t break-up due to anything like stress, there were no differences in opinions or any actual fall-out between the members themselves. It was an entirely mutual break-up.

That being said there where a lot of deeply personal reasons,  emphasizing towards the conception of this break-up. Chase being no exception to this. With Biggs being the pioneering artist manager he is, could see that this provided an opportunity to conduct the members in a way where they can still all work together, whilst still being independent of each other as time goes on.   

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The signing of Chase Lumen to R3cords means many great things to the label. The biggest reason being that Chase now has his platform to carry on being the artist he is, and working with the people that love him. An opportunity that many artists wouldn’t normally get. The negotiator of Chases contract, Biggs; hasn’t just operated on a professional capacity with Chase, but a personal friend. His statement on the matter follows;

“I’ve known Chase for a very long time, and I don’t know another songwriter like him. He’s honest and daring, he’s innovative and talented in a way that I’ve just never seen in anybody else come close to being. I’ve seen and heard him write some amazing works, but still I don’t think I’ve seen his best yet. He’s got it in him, I know he has… And he can take as much time as he needs to just do what he does best, to just do what he’s here for… It has absolutely broken my heart, seeing him go through what he is going through. He’s one my closest friends and giving him this outlet is something I know will bring him back to the Chase I’ve always known.”    


Unfortunately right now Biggs is not giving any more information into Chases personal life, stating; “When Chase is ready to talk, he will.” 

A Statement from R3cords’s Executive, Mr Stuart, follows;

“Signing someone at a low is extremely unorthodox, but I trust Biggs Malone. And with that I go with my own philosophy; That it’s a labels job to nurture talent and to cultivate that talent, because true perseverance really takes a village… or in this case, a team. And that’s exactly what this label is… That said, I have high hopes for Chase Lumen, his piano skills are incredible and from what I’ve heard from him so far, I’m very impressed! To add, I have zero doubt in Biggs’s judgement as a professional, he’s definitely the best there is out there. I’ll say this and I mean it seriously. What he says goes! You don’t need my opinion if you have his already. If Biggs says Chase Lumen is the next Bowie, Mercury, Hendrix, Cobain or Madonna just like he said to me! Then yeah! He definitely absolutely could be.”      


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