Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions

by | Nov 4, 2021

Chase lets us in on the entire track listing of live tracks that will be on the album, all which were performed over a decade starting from 2008 all the way up to 2020. He also talks about why he chose these tracks for the album. ↓

Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions

Chase Lumen has recently been putting together a retrospective album of live recordings of Chase and the Dead. A now discontinued band featuring other familiar members such as,  Rip Damon (Guitar); Who now has multiple releases as a solo artist with R3cords. Kris “Bubby Bass” Buntin (Bass Guitar); Aka Eerbl00d, and is currently a part of the Artist Development Project, along with Katherine Archana’s (Drums)  band Tragic Souls.

Chase was signed to R3cords earlier this year (18th august), and has had open access to its recording studios. To date, over the last few months he has put in a lot of work on this retrospective album. He spent a lot of time going through a vast catalogue of live recordings, spanning across and over a decade of shows. Chase stated;

“I’m wanting to tell the story of the band, and the tracks I’ve chosen I feel really encapsulate our journey.” For more on the reasoning behind the decision on making this album you should have a read through the “A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works” article.

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The track listing of the album will be as follows;

  • Missing The Point – Live at The Catacombs 2008
  • You Know What You’ve Done – Live at The American Adventure 2009
  • My Weak Heart – Live at The Mansion House 2009
  • Shes’s the Worst – Live at Aldwych Tube 2010
  • Confusion With Benefits – Live at The Open Odeon 2012
  • I am human I have my flaws – acoustic – Live at BlockBusters 2014
  • A Narcissistic She – Live at St James 2016
  • There’s A Lot Going On – Live at St James 2016
  • The ground swallows us whole – acoustic – Live at the Smoke Garden 2018
  • Another cold remark – acoustic – Live Outside a Bakery 2020
  • I want to be better – acoustic – Live Under a Railway Bridge 2020
  • End of an Era – acoustic – Live Under a Railway Bridge 2020

All of these tracks apart from the last three tracks were recorded the same year they were written; ‘I Want To Be Better’ was actually written in 2015. ‘Another Cold Remark’ was written in 2013. ‘End of an Era’ was written in 2014. These three recordings were recorded during a live busking performance in 2020, one year after the group had officially dis-banded. This particular performance was in commemoration of the band, where in Chase’s description, he solely performed; “To a desolate mass of rain drenched brutalist concrete.” 

Playing in the rain is something that is actually quite synonymous with Chase, and his signature style of using nature to help channel his own emotions through his music. This is actually what his first original solo release will actually feature, which should be coming out soon after the retrospective collection album release. 

I’ve not heard much about the second release yet, although I do know that it is going to be more of an EP than a full album. Just incase you don’t know what EP stands for, it means extended play; In the sense that it is longer than a single release, so would commonly be anywhere up to six tracks. LP is the term for an full album (ten to twelve tracks on average), which also means long playing.

EP and LP are both older terms which actually come from the production of vinyl records, nowadays the terms LP and album are interchangeable. The term EP is also often interchanged with the term mini-album as well. I’m sure you could your own research if you want to go deeper than that, but I feel like I’ve digressed a little to much at this point.

I’ve arranged quite a few interviews with Chase so we can talk about the retrospective album release, there’s a lot I’m sure there is to learn about the stories to these tracks, and perhaps even something about these show locations. 

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As you can see by the album cover artwork, the imagery is very much conveying the idea of digging up the past. Which is something Chase has mentioned quite a few times to myself in candid. He stated;

“It’s been about two years at this point since the band mutually came to an end. And although we all see each other pretty much everyday, it still feels like I’m digging up the past, because it’s more about where my head was at  when I wrote them. The tracks I chose for the album were the ones I wanted to talk about the most. They were the ones that had the most emotional effect on me when I wrote them.

Ironically the most popular tracks we had didn’t actually have much substance to them, in terms of personal meaning. So I’ve left, “the hits” (as they say) out of it ,because they’re just not relevant to our story. Don’t get me wrong though, we spent a decade playing to the crowd. Catering our sets to give them exactly what they wanted, and these tracks were in there too. But again this one’s just about the story and not about bringing the house down. I feel like it’s what I owe.”

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