The Red Headed Sound Healer Who Smashes a Drum in Your Face

by | Oct 28, 2021

Here is a great anecdote from Rip Damon, about the day he came up with his a.I.R meditation technique. It’s only one part of the story, but it really made me laugh and I just had to share it with all of you. Enjoy! ↓

The Red Headed Sound Healer Who Smashes a Drum in Your Face

I believe I have mentioned in previous articles about Rip Damon’s music, and that he has his own intentions when approaching music. These being based on a much deeper level, than what you would normally hear in other artists pushing for more shallow agendas.

Rip’s music is about introspection, and searching your own mind. Allowing it to automatically illustrate itself whilst you bare witness to it. He’s an an acoustician, and an advocate of psychology and spiritual awareness.

Rip has spent the last decade practicing numerous meditative techniques, working with, along-side and visiting acclaimed sound healers and other specialists within the spiritualist community. He told me that it’s more about not being told what will make you better, or carry you further. And more about what it is that makes you want to understand more, not just about yourself, but ourselves.

He stated; “I’ve met so many people doing this, some of the kindest warm hearted people in the world. I’ve also met manipulators and con artists. Although it’s easy to figure them out, they seem to prey on lovely people and I hate that…” 

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“The worst one was this “healer” who charged money on the door… So ok! I get why… But that really wasn’t the problem. (No refunds as well!) But I’ll get to that. So we all pay money on the door, and we all go in to this room. Everyone finds a space and starts laying all their yoga mats on the floor, we just start getting ready. For what? We don’t actually know yet… But what we do know is that it’s some kind of sound healing. A new revolutionary and exciting technique!

So once everyone from outside finally all spilled into this room, there was about twenty three, maybe twenty five of us in there just waiting for this thing to start… It was a twenty quid entry by the way, just incase you was wondering. Finally, the lights dimmed, and this woman walks out. She had this beautiful deep red and long curly hair, and these wispy clothes that kind of made her look like she just floated around.

My first thought was, yep she looks the part! I’m guessing for some kind of beautiful relaxing harp with maybe a rain stick or something, medieval drumming maybe!… But long notion short, I was wrong! And I definitely didn’t know at the time, how wrong I was, nor did I have any inkling into the actual dangers she had in store for us.

Now don’t get me wrong, these things are usually! And I mean always usually, like ninety nine percent usually! Always something like what I was imagining! They’re usually a musician of some kind or enthusiast at the least, and they do something with the sound that is intended to sooth you in some way. 

This usually takes its form in some kind of angelic and melodic pieces infused with beautiful intentions. Or as some kind of rhythmic trance like drumming, like shamanic drumming or whatever reference of culture it might be being borrowed from. ASMR is probably the most popular form of sound soothing of any kind at the moment, this is mostly because of it works, along with its simplicity and required skillset needed to produce.

But this woman… This woman with her big red curly hair and wispy clothes. She didn’t have any of that in mind. But the way she introduced it!.. She really had this way with spiritual buzz words, she was so good actually that I even found myself hanging on every word. She was good!

She started off talking about sound frequencies, how we are surrounded by them constantly. Our bodies create them, constantly. Every breath, every movement. To the ambience of everything around us. To the very planet beneath our feet. The sun our solar system, our galaxy, our universe! A chaotic blend of creative and destructive frequencies. But most importantly of all, the sound frequencies that heal.

When I said I was hanging on every word, I wasn’t lying… But she lost me around that last bit. Just so you know it was the sound frequencies that heal part, that’s when I looked sideways over to my friend. She knew exactly what I was thinking. Another miracle elixir salesperson peddling on us, lovely poor poor idiots. But here’s the thing! She actually backed up her premise with some real theoretical science. Although it had nothing to do with what she was actually going to do to us.

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I couldn’t help but admire that in someway. She was definitely a clever one I’ll give her that! She started talking about how we can kill cancer with sound frequencies, she meant Ultra Sonic Sound Frequencies but she didn’t say that though. The thing is that this in theory, is actually true! It can be done, in a lab environment. I’m not to sure about this working, whilst the cancer is still in an actual person. Because in truth we just don’t have the technology to use this practically, at the moment.

But anyway, she used this as a segue to approach what she had in store for us. Because now, I could see it in peoples faces, they were like; WOW! Sound kills cancer! Amazing! Heal me now! So the curly red haired woman signals her friend over, who was sitting over in the corner behind a disassembled drum kit. She had short blue hair and some washed out denim dungarees on.

She stands up holding a cymbal stand set at full reach. With a huge ride cymbal attached to the end of it, and a snare drum in her other hand. She walks over to the middle of the room. Passing the snare drum to the curly red haired woman. I really didn’t like where this was going. You could feel the uncertainty in the room. As we just watched them getting ready, to do their… Healing, on us.

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All of a sudden my eyes widened and I had this intense feeling of dread, as the red haired woman locked eyes with me. They both pull a single drumstick from their own pockets, taking up position. Dungaree girl holds the big ride cymbal literally inches above my head, it kind of looked like I was wearing one of those coolie hats. I was hoping for something new, but I still didn’t know what to expect. I looked up with my eyes, and I could just feel my head sinking into my shoulders. 

The red head stood in-front of me… But just over to the side a little bit. She holds the snare drum up directly in-front of my face. So the bottom of the drum was pointing straight at me. I really wasn’t liking where this was going, but I humored them. I’d actually been in stranger situations way worse than this before, and in all honesty they all ended up ok in the end! So I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Which, to be honest… I shouldn’t have.

The curly red head goes onto explain that the frequencies of the universe are all ours to conduct. But to truly destroy the evil ones, to disrupt the frequencies that create all pain, we need to force them out of ourselves. Because we collect these frequencies, we become carriers of all the negative frequencies and then we pass them on. Unintentionally. Now to destroy…It takes two very special frequencies, a chord of majesty. (A chord of majesty!? I was actually terrified at this point).

And lots of power! It has been proven by science! This isn’t fluff, this is undisputable truth! The thing is, when she was saying this it was like watching a guitarist on stage. You know like when a lead guitarist whacks out some absolute awesome guitar solo, and the head looks up as the spine arches backwards.. It’s like this uncontrollable, in the moment… thing! And it’s really cool to see in person. Well anyway, these two! They were both doing that thing, as she talked away.

I kind of knew what was going to happen now. So I took that opportunity to quickly reach into my pocket and get my ear defender buds, out and in before any of them saw. And oh man, I felt so much relief when I did! The last thing I heard her say was something about, harnessing the power of the doppler effect, binaural beats and destructive interferences. And then the sweet peaceful sound of my earbuds squeezing into my ear holes.

I just closed my eyes and took the longest most cleansing breath I had ever taken in, and waited a few seconds… And then out of nowhere they both started just whaling on the drum and cymbal as hard as they could. I mean, I could hear it all clear as day! Even through the defenders. I could feel the air from the sound of the drum hitting my face. And as I looked up all I could see was this mess of red curls flying around everywhere. Dungaree girl was smashing the cymbal like a samurai. If they were trying to destroy anything it was my freaking ears.

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I knew I wasn’t getting anything but from this, and I had to ask them to just stop. I didn’t really give them an excuse, I just said “No, just stop”. And moved away from them. A lot of people got up to leave at that point, and I don’t blame them at all. They all packed up and went. The funny thing was, not everyone left… There were these three girls, the nicest people I’d ever met in my life actually. 

I don’t know what it was or why they chose to, but they stayed. More than happy just letting them smashing the snare drum in their faces, and that cymbal over their heads. Whilst the red head writhed her head around, gyrating. A maelstrom of red curls. I was just amazed.

I spoke to the three girls after and they said they knew they weren’t going to get anything from it. But they just didn’t want to upset the two doing the “sound healing”. But in all honesty, we all definitely got something from it. Just not what we intended really. So I invited everyone along to a rhythmic ASMR session for free, which my friend ran at the time to make up for it.

This was actually the day I came up with the auditory illustrated revere meditation. So maybe the banging did do something… Who knows really. What I do know is though, that I had a really bad headache, and tinnitus… in spite of the ear defenders.


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