Pod Talks About Dancing With The Demons Under My Bed

by | Oct 27, 2021

we only briefly touched on the ‘witches’ album, After the first interview with Pod. so I arranged another interview to dig a little deeper into what it was all about, and hopefully we might also find out a little bit more about him.  ↓

Pod Talks About Dancing With The Demons Under My Bed

Written by D. M. Astronaut

27 October 2021

After the last interview I had with Pod, I was really wanting to hurry on with the next session because we didn’t really have the time to cover everything that I’d intended to. A few weeks have passed since then, and I’ve managed to meet up with him a few times. I feel like I know him a lot more now, although I’ve still never seen him without his mask on.

He literally wears it everywhere. I’ve stopped asking about it now though, I’ve come realize that he’s just completely dedicated to his character, and I actually admire that about him! Because beyond that, he’s actually just a really cool, easy-going guy. One that has a real passion and talent for what he does, and you can’t fault that really,



DMA:  “Ok, so… Here we are again! Another interview with the one and only Pod! How’s everything been?”

Pod:  “Alright I guess, I’ve spent most of my time working with Tragic Souls and Eerbl00d recently. “

DMA:  “Ah yeah, I heard about that earlier today actually. They’re two very different acts and you’ve been helping manage both of them, haven’t you?”

Pod:  “Yeah that’s it, it’s mostly so we can all get to know each other properly. I’m going to be producing a lot of tracks for them in the future, Rip Damon’s also on board with all this as well. We’ve just been making sure they both get out there really, show after show. It’s been good to see the rooms fill up with crowds of people, sharing the love, having a good time.”

DMA:  “That’s good! I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone from Tragic Souls just yet. They’re always, way to busy!”

Pod: “That sounds about right! They’ve been going none-stop since the underground circuit opened back up! “

DMA:  “I know it’s great all you guys are able to get back out there again! Oh! Just for those listening in, or reading the interview; Could you please explain what the underground circuit actually is?”

Pod:  “Yeah sure! Well it’s a gig circuit for underground acts. It’s our own circuit! They’re specially chosen venues, And we have our own way of putting on the show. You know! They’re the coolest places you’d want to watch gig at. They’re away from your regular venue, like in some dive bar where no-one cares about the music. We wanted places were people want to be, and where people care. We don’t want randoms just turning up. It’s for those in the know. They’re exclusive shows. In exclusive places. They’re very well promoted to the people in the loop, and we provide the people in the loop with the kind of new music they love and want. There’s no restrictions on genres, it’s just whatever’s cool… Of course, on the night, it makes sense that show’s catered for a particular crowd, that should be obvious. A Dubstep act being followed by a guy on an Irish Fiddle would be a strange night. One I’ve actually witnessed first hand! Strangely enough.”

DMA:  “Yeah, I think I’ve been to a night like that as well. I was expecting a load of Ska bands to play, because that’s what the headliner was. But we got the strangest mix of Emo-Metal and Brit-Pop, with some acoustic guitar playing rapper. And then finally the music we all came for.”

Pod:  “Yeah, and I bet no-one complained because the music was probably all good.”

DMA:  “You’re right, kind of! Everyone just kind of waited around, chatting, listening. Some of my friends actually spent most of the night outside in the smoking area, because they didn’t like the support. I didn’t mind it.

Pod:  “Yeah that’s what I mean, it shouldn’t be about seeing the headliner. It should be about about the music on the night, and that’s it! The classic gig format is just so… old hat, you know?!”

DMA: “Yeah it is old hat, I don’t really get how it could change though.”

Pod:  “Oh… You’ve never been to a R3cords gig before have you! I thought that was how you got in with the guys here… Wow! That’s something! You’re in for something special when you do! You really are!”

DMA:  “Well, you’ve peaked my interest, that’s for sure! So what is different? What’s so good about a R3cords show?”

Pod:  “Oh I’m not giving that one up! I’ve said to much already, and you don’t even know! Haha. You gonna have to talk to Biggs about that one. He’s the guy you need ask, and he’ll tell you!”

DMA:  “Alright, I will. I can’t believe I’ve never even heard of this!”

Pod:  “Hey, from what I hear, it’s as much about your journey as it is ours! So, just do your thing… Man, it’s gotta be cool to be you.”

DMA:  “Hah, well… Maybe I don’t know.”

Pod: “I mean, you’re getting to learn how it all works, fresh eyes. Wonder. You’ve got us all here itching to tell our stories to you and only you, when we can. The beauty of it is, you’re easy to talk to, and you’re interested in what we have to say. Because you want to know. It’s like tapping into a barrel of your favorite juice, and you’ve got it all to yourself!.. That’s gotta be cool right!? “

DMA:  “Yeah it is… “

Pod:  “…”

DMA:  “It’s really f**king cool! Actually..”

Pod:  “Heck yeah it is!”

DMA:  “alright yeah! I’ll talk to Biggs when he’s around. While I’ve still got you though. Can we talk about the ‘Witches’ album?”

Pod:  “Yeah sure! I thought we already did, but I’m good to talk about whatever.”

DMA:  “We did talk about it, in our last interview. But I kind of wanna go in a little deeper with it this time, if you don’t mind.”

Pod:  “Sounds good to me. We can talk about it for as long as it takes. I’m good all the way!”

DMA:  “Great stuff! Ahh, I tell you what! I’ll let you start, tell me about your favorite track on the album.”

Pod:  “My favorite track? Wow, I’ve never really categorized my own work like that before… I don’t know if I can even do that, you know! It just does not seem right?”

DMA:  “Oh ok! So you must have had a favorite memory whilst writing them or producing one of them perhaps?”

Pod:  “Hmmmmm… No I don’t think so, there’s like, good times and bad times in there. But it’s all stuff from inside you know!? I can’t categorize my emotions. I don’t know how I’m supposed to even start with that.”

DMA:  “How about the one that made you feel the best?

Pod:  “The best what?”

DMA: “Happiness, that’d be your favorite!”

Pod:  “As opposed to the best sadness? I can’t really say that that would make it any less important, being honest.”

DMA:  “No because sadness would be the worst.”

Pod:  “Why would sadness be the worst? I don’t think it is. It’s important to remember the sadness as much as it’s important to remember the happiness. It’s what you learn from, or do with it, that makes it truly count for something.”

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DMA:  “Yeah ok, I see what you’re saying here. alright… I’d like to hear what ‘Dancing With The Demons Under My Bed’ is all about. The title really interests me.”

Pod:  “Ah, haha. Well, I’ll tell you all about that one! But first, before I do. Could you tell me what you think it’s about?”

DMA:  “Erm, yeah sure. Why not!.. “

Pod:  “…”

DMA:  “I think it’s got to be like some kind of a metaphor. Kind of like playing with fire in some way right? Or knowing your enemy, or keeping them close, or something like that. Am I right?”

Pod: “No, not really… Hahaha. Like I said before, all my music comes from my own experience. It’s all my own memories, my own emotions. My music is the transmutation of my own witness of any chosen moment. You should take my titles with a little less salt maybe, if you get what I mean.”

DMA:  “So are you saying it’s more… Literal?”

Pod:  “That’s exactly what I’m saying! The demons were my friends. Well kind of, let me explain. You must have heard about kids with imaginary friends before right? Well, when I was a kid I had two! They both lived under my bed. They weren’t scary or anything, they were nice, fun actually! We’d play chase, dance to music together. Sometimes we’d have a go on the karaoke, which was always funny because they both had these really un-worldly voices!”

DMA:  “Is that what I can hear in the track? Their voices?”

Pod:  “Yeah!… Well, a re-creation of them at least… I miss them…”

DMA:  “So this track is you, remembering your old friends, having fun together.”

Pod:  “Correct!”

DMA: “When did they… Go?”

Pod: “Damn… I haven’t thought about that one for a while… Just a second…”

DMA: “Oh erm, no no, you take your time.

Pod:  “… They didn’t go. I never just stopped believing in them and then that was it, gone. It was nothing like that. What happened to both of them, it was an accident… It was just… Horrible… And I couldn’t, do anything… I was just a kid…”

DMA: “…”

Pod:  “I woke up one night, choking. I didn’t understand it at the time, it was like the air was thick. Everything was so dark, I couldn’t see anything, even when I went over to my window.”

DMA: “Your house was on fire?”

Pod: “My parents were out that night, but the insurance people tried to say it wasn’t an accident. It destroyed them. Not just because they lost their home, but because they were blamed for it too.”

DMA:  “What happened to you? How did you get out?”

Pod:  “I started banging on the window, grasping for the handles trying to open it somehow… Oni grabbed a hold of me, pulling me down to the floor. I took the deepest breath I had ever taken before, and then there was this loud smash at the window… Some light began to trickle into the room through the smoke. Through the silhouette I could make out Menoetius, standing there with his fist through the window… But now the smoke just seemed to move around more, it writhed…Chaos… I tried to get up, to maybe get to the window and shout for help, but Oni still held me tightly. I wriggled, trying to get free. But I could feel myself getting weaker every second, every breath. So I gasped again, as deep as I could…  Again I could make out Menoetius, but this time he was towering over me… Holding my wardrobe above his head. He gave out this tremendous roar as he poised back… And with all his might, he threw it at the window. Smashing the whole damn thing open, it broke some of the wall off too!”

DMA:  “Your… Friend, smashed the window open with your wardrobe?”

Pod:  “He did. And then he disappeared off into the smoke… I noticed that Oni had let go of me, so I get up… And I just kind of walk over to this gaping hole where my window used to be… The smoke was pouring out around me, and I stood at the edge looking down. I was one floor up, and there was nothing but bushes, flowers and grass below… I had this idea in my head that we could all jump out together. It wasn’t far, we’d be ok… But as I turned around… In my peripheral I noticed Oni running at me, arms stretched forwards… And then Oni, she shoved me. Hard… And I just fell… For what felt like, forever. Until I hit the flower bed… The world felt misaligned… I just laid there, on the ground… I just watched the smoke pouring out the window, and then the smoke turned into flames… I heard this colossal roar come from the house, and all three of our cats came flying out the window, landing in a tree at the end of the garden… Then I heard this screech, with crashing  overtaken by the roar of the fire as the whole house completely went up…”

DMA: “They saved you… They saved you and your cats…”

Pod: “… I miss them… I miss them everyday..”

DMA: “… So the track, is this what it’s all about? the fire?

Pod:  “It’s about the fun that we had, the times I wish we still could have. It’s those little moments where we’d joke around, sing and dance together. It’s the emptiness I feel now, it’s all the love I’ve always felt for them. It’s all of us together. That’s it really… I don’t know how else to say it.”

DMA: “… Wow, alright yeah, I get it, yeah. I really do.. That’s just.. Yeah that’s brilliant, thanks! Thanks for that! Thanks for sharing. Really! “

Pod:  “… It’s cool. You know, it’s hard to go through things like that sometimes… But it really helps you know!? Thanks man.”

DMA: “Your welcome… Did I help you heal just then?”

Pod: “HAHA, no I’m 35, trust me! I’m healed, it’s the reminiscence part. It’s nice to feel.”

“The smoke was pouring out around me, and I stood at the edge looking down”

This interview was amazing, I really didn’t expect Pod to tell us such a heart wrenching story about his imaginary friends. And I’ve just realized how silly I just made the whole thing seem. No! All respect to him, I loved every minute! I can’t wait for our next interview! I’d like to delve into his other tracks from the album. So cheers to Pod, and here’s to Menoetius and Oni… I’ll remember you both.       

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