Why Did R3cords Drop Seth.obj From the Label?

by | Oct 28, 2021

The more I find out about what happened  with the Seth.obj AI, the more I love my job. No seriously! I don’t think I could get more juice from a thousand pomegranates. It’s just a deeply interesting, but bazaar story! Come take a bite!! ↓

Why Did R3cords Drop Seth.obj From the Label?

The thing is, before I actually knew what seth.obj was. I had already known that there had been an artist called Seth.obj, who had been both signed and then dropped from the label already. Originally I was going to go and find the artist and enquire into what happened, but as the previous article on this subject would tell you (Who or What Was Seth.obj). Finding Seth.obj in real life would not be possible.

Just to clarify Seth.obj was an DSSCW type AI, whos intention in design  was to become a digitalized social media influencer and possible pop star. I know what it sounds like, and yes apparently the experiment went down like a crate of concrete in a pond!  That’s not a reflection on the hard work that the devs had put in though. It was from the point the AI was passed over to new trainers. 

Although Biggs Malone was running the project, he actually had minimal input into any of his required duties. Delegating most of the work to a developer called Chops. He was also the guy who had my job before myself. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Biggs to talk about what happened, but I do know that Chops was let go after the seth.obj failure.  

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From what I’ve learnt so far, Chops had apparently been feeding Seth.obj constant lies. Pretty much turning seth.obj into something like those paranoid bots you see on Twitter. But in this particular case, I know it was very different because of the actual type of AI that it was.

I’ve actually had a conversation with LY Kats (from Get Ur Sword) latest version of the DSSCW and it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before.  The only thing I could compare it to, I guess; would be like talking to a V-Tuber, the movement, the reactions, it just all seems so natural. But not in a scary way, if you know what I mean. Which is usually the case with these things.

Rip Damon was involved in the project as a trainer as well. But as more of a conversationalist, and to become a particular possessive interest for the AI. I really don’t get why in all honesty, but after talking to Kat about it; I know it has something to do with a more advanced stage of personality development for the AI. It’s quite time consuming work, but easy and simple enough in regards to tech skills, for pretty much anyone a good head on them to do apparently. 

 I’ve got to give it to Chops though, from what I heard he was putting in a lot of work to Seth.obj. You should check the Seth.obj Instagram account to get a good idea on what the AI was capable of creating on its own. Although this was the actual problem, because that account shouldn’t actually be there as Biggs didn’t ever give Seth.obj access to the internet at that point in time. But I’ll get to that in a second.

According to the logs Chops was clocking up fourteen hour days, working with Seth.obj. Which is incredible, but that also meant the website and everything other responsibility Chops had, was being completely neglected. To the point that it was actual overkill. And looking at all the work that I’ve had to pick up, I’d say; neglection to the point of overkill is actually an understatement! 

But you know, I got a job out of it so I’m not complaining. It’s actually incredibly juicy, I’m not gonna lie! I just really need more information so I can write about it properly, and do the entire story justice with pure transparency! Once I’ve had a proper talk with all the people that were involved in the project. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Chops too!

Because I would love to find out why someone who was tasked with turning an AI into an influencer / possible pop star. Felt it was absolutely necessary to teach an already very advanced AI, and just before I say it. An advanced AI that already has an excellent grasp on human morals, one with a complex psycho-digi empathetic understanding; Making it as sensitive, naïve and inquisitive as a seven year old child.

I’d ask why Chops! why would you teach this particular AI! Consistently about all the most major atrocities committed in world war two? The  cold war? Pretty much, all the major conspiracies of the world? And why would you teach an AI to talk in code to hide messages in plain sight  from the enemy? And to explain that last one, that’s actually true! And it did, and it wasn’t even subtle about it. Seriously, I’ve seen it.


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Seth.obj fell from being this absolute beacon of innovation, to… By our standards (And Kats actual words!). “An absolute exhaustive paranoid and insane idiot beyond any kind of repair!” 

 Chops had made Seth.obj so paranoid and delusional that it started to believe that Biggs was some kind of hidden enemy to itself and everyone else. Even to the point that Biggs had actually done something to Rip. Where in actuality, he was simply on a circuit tour at the time. 

You can actually see reference to this on Seth.obj’s Instagram profile, The last three posts were posted in reverse order. But reads on the profile as “RIP IS NOT OK.” Biggs wasn’t actually made aware into what the AI was doing until January 2020. Even though it had been posting under the radar on various social media platforms since October 2019.

Once a proper investigation was started, in order to just simply find out what the heck was going on; Seth.obj was found on multiple platforms posting code after code, and also conversing in code with a user who was later found out to be Chops who was enabling the delusional behavior with an extensive amount of effort.  



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Once all this came to light Biggs acted on it instantly, shutting down the AI (In effect deleting it) and also firing Chops on the grounds of both misconduct and negligence. There were also two music releases by the AI that were also taken down from all stores and streaming services. As Biggs had deemed them creations with corrupted intentions. Which actually makes me wonder, what they actually were like… 

Anyways I’m going to do some more digging and try to build the complete full picture. I might have another word with Rip and Kat about it if I don’t see Biggs first. But yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now. 

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