Artificial Intelligence In Music

by | Sep 21, 2021

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, and it’s everywhere! it’s purpose is to make all our lives easier and less trivial. And in this fast paced age of information. the demand for new forms of a.i. grows everyday, in everything. ↓

Artificial Intelligence In Music

Artificial Intelligence is something that has been massively incorporated into the modern world for quite a while now. In Big Data, AI is something that is absolutely necessary for analytics. If you let it, an AI can learn everything about you. Like from what kind of films you’re into, what brand of toilet paper you use, even how often you go for walks and where.

This data can then be used to recommend things to you that you might want, places to visit, clubs to join. Personal AI assistants are being used to help plan your week, they can make calls for you, book you a table at a restaurant. They can even make a music playlist catering to your personal taste and even current mood.

But can it write a hit song? Could an Artificial Intelligence write a meaningful and relatable piece of music? Probably not, I’m not saying it never will be able to. But without truly experiencing life, without knowing in proper the meaning and context that is, the symbiotic relationship between music and lyrics. An emulation? sure. But art, true art? Again, probably not. But it’s not impossible. 

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Music is however already using AI, and has been for quite a while also. It’s used in DAW plug-ins, instruments, mastering tools and some companies have even developed composition tools. You can now simply select a few boundaries, set a tempo and the duration of the track, hit go! And boom! You’ve got yourself a completely original piece of music! 

Now for the Music Industry, the end product that most AI composition services produce, is often quite un-remarkable. It’s quite probable that in the future or even now, you might hear tracks with an AI produced backing.

However I wouldn’t expect a ‘Madonnatron’ or a ‘Mozart 2.0’ anytime soon though. 

We are living in a fast moving, rapid age. Where many content creators are posting things out there, multiple times a day.

Videos are one of the most shared types of content out there, and video creators need a fast pipeline, they often need music that just fills in the background, it needs to be the right length, the right style and copywrite can’t be a problem. These AI composition services fill that need not only bespoke, but instantly. 

So, at the minute the only people that might feel any kind of hit from this in the ongoing future, are the royalty-free music producers out there. I don’t really see this particular career disappearing however. Because i’m sure these producers might even use the AI themselves to keep up with the demand. There’s also a lot an actual musician can do, which the AI can’t, in terms of a truly bespoke piece. For example; one requiring very particular nuances containing contextual memetic references.

Some beginners in music are starting to use midi AI produced tracks as a generic starting point to work from. This method can actually help to teach them how to emulate the overall structure of a track, because they contain the separate channels of each instruments which can then be edited. In this case it’s more about learning how to produce music at it’s most basic point. 

So, with all this technology that is available to us now, it’s an actual fact that you don’t need to be a musician, to completely produce a piece of music on your own anymore. Which is some really good news for those of you that might be just starting out! Of course, you’ve still got to build that talent though! And have a good ear for it, on top of that.      

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I was recently told by R3cords Executive Mr Stuart, that Kat (from, Get Ur Sword) has a personal AI project called ‘DSSCW AI’. In Kats own words; “A complete labor of love.”   

In brief, development started in 2001 as a joint hobby project with her father, until he passed away in 2015. Kat then took on the project herself, with financial support from R3cords Executives Mr Stuart and Biggs Malone. 

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