What Actually Happened In The Back On You Threefold Animation Short?

What Actually Happened In The Back On You Threefold Animation Short?


W.a.h ?

What Actually Happened In The Back On You Threefold Animation Short?

a full indepth look, breakdown and analysis into what actually happened in the ‘back on you threefold’ short looping video by, prince of darkness. what do we know? and what was the story really about? ↓

What Actually Happened In The Back On You Threefold Animation Short?

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After watching this animation short for the first time, without giving it a second thought you’d be very much forgiven, if you came to the conclusion that the entire animation is just simply about, depression pushing to the degree of suicide. After-all a large section of the animation does emphasize the fact that Pod shoots himself in the head. But it’s really not what you think. There is more story to be found here than what a single glance can allow. This short looping video is an introduction, it’s a very important insight into Pods universe. 

But it’s really not what you think. There is more story to be found here than what a single glance can allow.

Before I break down what is happening in this story completely, let’s just walk through the entire animation step by step first. The first shot fading out from white, shows a rainy landscape at sunset with the silhouette of a single figure (Pod) standing roughly in the middle of the shot. He’s standing on a field, there’s a tree to the left of the shot and two hills in the background, one on each side of the shot, Pod seems to be just watching the sun setting. After a brief closer look at Pod the camera pulls back to the original shot as a woman with an umbrella walks onto the scene, heading directly towards Pod, stopping just a few feet short of him.

Pod instantly pulls a gun out, pointing it directly at the woman’s face. Pod looks down, points the gun towards his head and then looks directly back at the woman. The woman’s posture remains unaffected and strong, as she says “Fall for me”. At that moment Pod pulls the trigger. You can see the flash of the gun and the blood spray from his head.

This is instantly followed by a segment where there are many silhouettes of Pod and the woman in a line, and blood from Pods head starts to fill the screen, at one point seemingly taking on the shape of a bird or dragon for a second, before completely consuming the screen with blood. There are then two images that flash on the screen, the first is a queue of Pods confronting his own dead body in the darkness. The second is Pod from many angles placed on top of each other, the sunlight is so bright it almost visually consumes parts of him. The screen then goes red again and then fades to a similar scene, but now with a darker sky and Pod now in full color, being the focal point of this shot. He turns around and steps forwards.

The view then changes to more of a top down view, you can see Pod laying on the ground with blood visible on the floor around his head. Another Pod walks on to the screen straight towards the dead Pod on the ground. Once he reaches the dead Pod he stands there for a second before dropping to his knees, looking at the dead body. As the camera angle changes to a more level view, Pod is knelt next to the body which then begins to fade away. The camera then changes to a close up on Pod as he looks forwards followed by the camera panning around to the back of him revealing the bright setting sun once again. The screen then fades to white setting up the animation to loop, bringing it full circle. 

This is a video of the animation which has been looped a number of times. The animation short only takes 34 seconds to reach its end.

So what I can tell you from the clues given in the animation about what’s happening in this story are as follows:

The character Pod is not suicidal, this is also not to any degree a love story, nor is it a reflection on the creators life metaphors or personal mind space.

The first clue is when Pod draws the gun, he points and holds it towards the woman, for a significant time before pointing it towards himself. Note the body language between the two of them.

The second clue are that the words she says clearly have a literal meaning, as she undauntedly says “Fall for me”. Where as soon as she says this, he pulls the trigger.

The third is the segment following the gun shot, as the blood takes the shape of a bird. In this same image there are multiple silhouettes of both Pod and the woman. 



The forth clue is the image of multiple Pods approaching the dead Pod laid out on the floor in the darkness. immediately followed by the next image which is again multiple Pods, but this time in bright light, to the extent where the light is actually beginning to visually consume Pods silhouette.

The fifth clue is when the dead Pod fades away, leading to the beginning of the loop where afterwards Pod stares forwards and then the loop resets. 

The sixth clue is about the rain and what it does in the very last sequence, just as Pod looks up and the camera pans around him to look back at the sun. It reverses.

This is a lot of information that is very easy to miss, but says a lot more about what is actually happening. Giving you a pretty good amount of insight into what Pod is actually up against here. 


Here is the full description of what really happens in the video;

Pod has become trapped by a powerful malignant witch who is clearly able to control him. He is trying so hard to fight her, but can’t. His blood has a very strong significance in this story because as he dies, a literal Blood Phoenix rises from his body, and then Pod appears beside himself before his own dead body vanishes in front of him.

As Pod looks into the light, time seems to reverse as this light consumes everything, and then everything happens again, over and over. This light isn’t a natural light, it’s not the sun, it’s something else, conjured by the witch. Something so dense in mass that it creates its own light and heat, pulsing with so much power that it warps and folds time upon itself.       



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