Avant Garde, A Review of

Avant Garde, A Review of



Avant Garde, A Review of

a meditative rhythmic auditory sculpture of simplistic complexities. 

This was the first track I ever heard from Rip Damon, and I didn’t quite know how to approach his music. All I was told, was to just go in with an open mind.

After my first conversation with Rip Damon however, the next time I listened to this track again I did so with what you could call an enlightened mindset. Of course; Not to be mistaken as some kind of form of “enlightenment”, which in all honesty seems more like a marketing term nowadays than some kind of spiritual achievement.

But I digress, this track takes the form of what I can only clearly explain as, a quality of a meditative rhythmic auditory sculpture of simplistic complexities. On my very first listen through I remember not knowing where the music was going to go at first. But after some time, I stopped expecting and started to just listen. The hypnotic rhythm of the track seemed to just have a real calming effect on me.

On my second approach after Rip told me how to properly listen to his work, I tried it out. And I’m going to be honest here. I felt like I opened a door, in my mind. I didn’t space out or go weird or anything like that. I simply purposefully daydreamed. First I looked at the image connected to the track (as seen beneath the video on this page).

I closed my eyes and I imagined myself falling, but there was no fear. It was like I could control my fall, but not like I was flying. And then I noticed the light coming through a crack in my eyelids, and I noticed the shape of the light. So I squeezed my eyes tighter, but the light seemed to stay. It began to take shape.

That’s when I opened my eyes, and I started to drift away from the exercise. I ended up thinking about what I wanted to eat, then I snapped back into the music again. Thinking about what could be possible, I noticed my thoughts, although a little chaotic they had a rhythm to them. Rip told me it takes a little getting used to. It’s about not thinking about yourself, and letting your mind just go on it’s own for a few minutes. Like watching a video. I’m getting there!

I’d say Avant Garde by Rip Damon, is absolutely; an entry level track to try and journey with. The rhythm is strong, the frequencies are wide, the melody is hypnotic and all together as one, a very meditative piece. I’d recommend it for creating any kind of  positive relaxing atmosphere, it’s not necessarily an uplifting piece. So not one to start a party with, unless you’re having a chilled one of course, then by all means do!





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