Chase and the Dead (The Alive Sessions), by Chase Lumen

Chase and the Dead (The Alive Sessions), by Chase Lumen



Chase and the Dead (The Alive Sessions), by Chase Lumen

Chase and the Dead (The Alive Sessions), by Chase Lumen

Style: Progressive Indie, Singer Songwriter



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Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions

Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions



Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions

Chase lets us in on the entire track listing of live tracks that will be on the album, all which were performed over a decade starting from 2008 all the way up to 2020. He also talks about why he chose these tracks for the album. ↓

Coming Soon! Chase and the Dead, The Alive Sessions

Chase Lumen has recently been putting together a retrospective album of live recordings of Chase and the Dead. A now discontinued band featuring other familiar members such as,  Rip Damon (Guitar); Who now has multiple releases as a solo artist with R3cords. Kris “Bubby Bass” Buntin (Bass Guitar); Aka Eerbl00d, and is currently a part of the Artist Development Project, along with Katherine Archana’s (Drums)  band Tragic Souls.

Chase was signed to R3cords earlier this year (18th august), and has had open access to its recording studios. To date, over the last few months he has put in a lot of work on this retrospective album. He spent a lot of time going through a vast catalogue of live recordings, spanning across and over a decade of shows. Chase stated;

“I’m wanting to tell the story of the band, and the tracks I’ve chosen I feel really encapsulate our journey.” For more on the reasoning behind the decision on making this album you should have a read through the “A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works” article.

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The track listing of the album will be as follows;

  • Missing The Point – Live at The Catacombs 2008
  • You Know What You’ve Done – Live at The American Adventure 2009
  • My Weak Heart – Live at The Mansion House 2009
  • Shes’s the Worst – Live at Aldwych Tube 2010
  • Confusion With Benefits – Live at The Open Odeon 2012
  • I am human I have my flaws – acoustic – Live at BlockBusters 2014
  • A Narcissistic She – Live at St James 2016
  • There’s A Lot Going On – Live at St James 2016
  • The ground swallows us whole – acoustic – Live at the Smoke Garden 2018
  • Another cold remark – acoustic – Live Outside a Bakery 2020
  • I want to be better – acoustic – Live Under a Railway Bridge 2020
  • End of an Era – acoustic – Live Under a Railway Bridge 2020

All of these tracks apart from the last three tracks were recorded the same year they were written; ‘I Want To Be Better’ was actually written in 2015. ‘Another Cold Remark’ was written in 2013. ‘End of an Era’ was written in 2014. These three recordings were recorded during a live busking performance in 2020, one year after the group had officially dis-banded. This particular performance was in commemoration of the band, where in Chase’s description, he solely performed; “To a desolate mass of rain drenched brutalist concrete.” 

Playing in the rain is something that is actually quite synonymous with Chase, and his signature style of using nature to help channel his own emotions through his music. This is actually what his first original solo release will actually feature, which should be coming out soon after the retrospective collection album release. 

I’ve not heard much about the second release yet, although I do know that it is going to be more of an EP than a full album. Just incase you don’t know what EP stands for, it means extended play; In the sense that it is longer than a single release, so would commonly be anywhere up to six tracks. LP is the term for an full album (ten to twelve tracks on average), which also means long playing.

EP and LP are both older terms which actually come from the production of vinyl records, nowadays the terms LP and album are interchangeable. The term EP is also often interchanged with the term mini-album as well. I’m sure you could your own research if you want to go deeper than that, but I feel like I’ve digressed a little to much at this point.

I’ve arranged quite a few interviews with Chase so we can talk about the retrospective album release, there’s a lot I’m sure there is to learn about the stories to these tracks, and perhaps even something about these show locations. 

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As you can see by the album cover artwork, the imagery is very much conveying the idea of digging up the past. Which is something Chase has mentioned quite a few times to myself in candid. He stated;

“It’s been about two years at this point since the band mutually came to an end. And although we all see each other pretty much everyday, it still feels like I’m digging up the past, because it’s more about where my head was at  when I wrote them. The tracks I chose for the album were the ones I wanted to talk about the most. They were the ones that had the most emotional effect on me when I wrote them.

Ironically the most popular tracks we had didn’t actually have much substance to them, in terms of personal meaning. So I’ve left, “the hits” (as they say) out of it ,because they’re just not relevant to our story. Don’t get me wrong though, we spent a decade playing to the crowd. Catering our sets to give them exactly what they wanted, and these tracks were in there too. But again this one’s just about the story and not about bringing the house down. I feel like it’s what I owe.”

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A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works

A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works



A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works

Chase Lumen has announced that he is working on a retrospective album, to help tell the story of Chase and the Dead. A now disbanded group in which, both Chase and Rip Damon where both members of. ↓

A Chase and the Dead Retrospective Album is in the Works

Chase Lumen has just recently announced that he is currently working on putting together a new album, made up of previously unreleased tracks from his previous band Chase and the Dead. He is also concurrently working on his own solo album as well.

Chase expressed in detail; “There’s a massive amount of importance in doing this Chase and the Dead album, there’s a huge story in it. To be honest, it was actually against what we stood for, releasing something with a label. But now we’re disbanded, I feel like the story needs to be told and documented in some way.

We all went through a lot in those years of us being active, you know it’s  like they say… Blood, sweat and tears and all that. I mean, that’s an understatement if I ever heard one. I don’t know, maybe it should be something more like… Smiling through all the trauma, and cradling the good when it comes.

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And that’s the plan… I just want to tell our story. I need to talk about everything, about myself, about my friends, about what we went through, about what we witnessed… Everything. And what I’m putting together for this particular album, it’s a good introduction to an insight with in the first halve of our journey together. 

Firstly, also.. I want to be clear, these are all live pieces which we played either in a venue, live on stage or in a studio bar. I’ve been going through hundreds of our tracks, thousands if you count the repeats, in order to find what could be used.

This selection tells the story from around 2008 > 2009+ which was about the point where my song writing transitioned into a much more cynical format. When our entire social structure the world over, was rapidly changing. Don’t get me wrong though, this wasn’t the core of inspiration but seeing all the narcissisms with in the nature of what we actually are. That definitely was an important ingredient. 


So there’s a real rawness to the sound, it’s not crisp and top quality so I get that it wont be for everyone… My own, solo stuff on the other hand, is being done in what I’d rate the best studio in the UK right now, so… The more you know, I guess. But yeah, even though we could record everything. These recordings… That was us then, when it was real. The emotions that we all felt at that time are all in those recordings.

We all agreed this is the best way, and that I should just talk. Talk about our journey. Obviously we all had our own problems that I will talk about in time. And even the lyrics I wrote, sometimes they came from debates and lengthy conversations we’d have through the night, putting the world to rights.

So even though, we are all pretty much on the same wavelength, you might say. I’ve always been the one that could articulate it through carefully constructed poetic sentences, to deliver lyrically. So because of that I was definitely  the most emotionally fueled out of us.

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But to be honest, I don’t know if that’s true, I mean Rip might disagree with me on this, maybe. Because I know he put a lot into the music, we all did… But Rip really went somewhere with it you know! I mean, I can loose myself in the music when I play… But again! Rip!.. 

People tend to consider me as an extrovert. And that’s true, I act out, I do what I want, in front of people and I don’t feel embarrassed for saying what I feel, or for having fun when others dare not. Don’t get me wrong, I care what people think of me.

I’m just as honest with myself as I am with others. Because I believe that that’s an important way to be, for me at least. But again my extroverted-ness is exactly why I was the front-man, I want to shout out everything I feel. In hope that someone out there feels like me when I do. 

So if I’m the extrovert, Rip Damon is absolutely the introvert… If that guy could fold into himself just to look at his own atoms, I’m pretty sure he would! When I said he really went somewhere with the music, I’m not kidding… I’ve never seen a better example of someone more capable of  introspection than him.


And I mean this to the point where it was almost like he could produce emotions through the sound, like he was grabbing at abstract metaphysical collections of nuance with thoughts, notions and experiences. Then somehow transmuting it all into sound. Of course I’m mostly talking about the stuff he wrote on his own… It’s incredible. 

Don’t get me wrong though, in the band I’d have an idea on what I wanted the sound to be like. Usually giving a chord structure to go with with. He’d just listen to what I said and come up with something on the spot instantly. Pretty much exactly what I had in my head.

I think I said this the other day when you interviewed me. That the dynamics that we had as a band were just incredible, when it came to making music together, it just worked. And we all never really had the same experience with any other band.

I’ve just realized that I’ve not even started talking about Kris and Archy yet… And I probably shouldn’t, because we’ll be here all day. But yeah, I’m putting together a small collection of live tracks from Chase and the Dead, and I’m going to be telling our story.” 

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My apologies for that, yeah… I tapped my watch because we had to wrap it up. Trains and traffic and all that! There’s just never enough time, but there’s always another day. I’ll be linking the follow up article below once it’s done otherwise, feel free to check out the previous interview with Chase; “Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead”  


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Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead

Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead



Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead

Chase talks about Chase and The Dead, a now disbanded underground progressive indie band. WE also touch a little bit on WHAT HAPPENED leading up to the disbandment, and just how things were throughout. ↓

Chase Lumen Talks About Chase and the Dead

Written by D. M. Astronaut

8 October 2021

This was my first meeting with Chase Lumen, we did a short interview and then we chatted for a while afterwards. This was when he gave me a copy of his new emblem. He wanted me to give a brief explanation on the design, I will do an article about it in the future. But here’s the short one; 
The emblem shows a Raven on a shield with its wings spread high and looking towards the observer, Chase Lumen is written on the scroll below.
It is important to note; the head of the Raven is in skull form which also sits upon its feathery hackles.
Finally in a display of transcendence the Ravens wings can be seen breaking out through the top of the shield.



DMA:  “Right ,so! Chase!… This… is our very first interview together!”

Chase:  “Uhm, that’s quite true yes. Bit of a strange way to start an interview I might add, but I wont hold it against you. How are you? You look a little nervous, or ill… I can’t really tell.”

DMA:  “No, actually. I was running a little bit late, but It was fine in the end. I’ve heard quite a lot about you actually and to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve really been looking forward to this interview to be honest… I didn’t sleep well, I was making sure I’d got all the right questions to ask.”

Chase:  “Haha, We’ve got all the time in the world mate. I’m always good for one of these, so if we miss anything, you know… We do another one another time, and another.”

DMA:  “Yeah I know, I think it’s just because I hadn’t met you till today, I’ve met everybody else and only really heard about you, until now of course. What I’m saying is, it’s nice to finally put a face and a voice to this… Legend I’ve been hearing about, every day, since I became the author of the site.”

Chase: “And to yourself actually… Same. I’ve been reading a lot through the articles you’ve done recently, it’s just really nice to see things on the site going out there finally!”

DMA:  “Yeah, I’m absolutely loving it! I really, really wanted this job, it’s kid of weird… It’s like, I actually asked the universe for this exact job! Not exact, because I’d never heard of R3cords before, but then I met both Biggs and Mr Stuart and they just told me about all this, and… long story short, I said YES… And here we are now!”

Chase:  “That’s nice, I know funding was a real issue from the start, and that they’d been digging deep into their own pockets to get this far. So how does it feel to be the first official R3cords employee?”

DMA:  “It’s unreal! It’s really, something! I can’t actually imagine myself doing anything else anymore.”

Chase:  “Would you still do it if the money stopped coming in?”

DMA:  “I’d like to say so, I think I would! I’d obviously need a second job though.”



Chase:  “Well, that’s how you know… Isn’t it? If it’s what you are?! That thing that makes you, you! It’s a nice feeling to have, when you find it… The thing that gives you purpose, that you could just do forever.”

DMA:  “Yeah, I think this is that, exactly. Although I think we’ve gone way deep, way to quick here. It’s nice though. Don’t get me wrong.”

Chase:  “Ah haha, I wouldn’t have put it like that, but yeah haha. “

DMA:  “Haha, no really this is… I think, no I’d say… I know, this is me. This is what I am, this is what I do.

Chase:  “This is who we are, this is what we do!”

DMA: “…Yeah all of us!”

Chase:  “Yeah exactly haha, I was doing a thing!..”

DMA: “A thing? What do you mean?”

Chase:  “You’ve got your thing, I’ve got mine! If you aint got it yet, you might in time!.. How about that! I’m a poet and I don’t know it.”

DMA:  “You can make a rhyme, every time!”

Chase:  “Haha.”

DMA:  “I know that, what was it from?”

Chase:  “I think it’s one of those cliché tropes you’ll find anywhere to be honest. Actually I might be wrong, but there was a cartoon from a while back called Johnny Bravo. I think he might have said that at some point. I was just a kid back then so like I said, could be wrong…”

DMA:  “Actually, yeah! It rings a bell! I’m not too sure though.”

Chase: “Ahh, it doesn’t really matter to be honest.”  

DMA:  “Hah no, we should probably get on with the interview now. So!.. I’ve got questions, many questions… I love asking questions.”

Chase: “That’s Great! I love answering them! And I bet! You probably didn’t know that about me, am I right?!”

DMA:  “No I didn’t actually! But that’s why we’re doing the interview so I can find out, but at a guess, I’d say you must… At least just a little bit.”



Chase:  “Well yeah! There’s definitely some truth in that, I guess the easy way to say it would be that I just like having fun in conversation. Erm, like for instance, have you ever heard of misdirection?”

DMA:  “Yeah, pretty sure, kind of like the slight of hand, card tricks, rabbit in a hat, all that stuff right?”

Chase:  “There is, those things yes. I could list off a lot more too. My favorite use of it was actually from those choose your own adventure books, have you ever read any of them?”

DMA:  “Yes, of course… Well just one, back in school. I kept unintentionally starting the story over… It’s funny actually, because I would always choose the safer option and it’d take me back to the beginning every time.”

Chase:  “Ahhh you got stuck in a loop, the old classic perpetual spiral, the ultimate blunder, the unending  goof, the cycle of misfortune!.. Haha I don’t know why I’m saying it like that, dramatic effect maybe!”

DMA:  “Hah, I think I know what you were going for to be honest. I’m going to have to change the subject though… Time n’all that!”

Chase: “Sure thing! You’re the boss!”

DMA:  “I’ll just jump to it, so… Chase and the Dead. Tell me about it, what happened?”

Chase:  “Ahh, OK. So, as you probably already know, we were a err, progressive indie band. I’ve never really cared about getting the sub genre naming convention right, I’ve always preferred to just focus on the writing, than putting effort into caring about how much of an individual people people want me to label myself as… I’m so bored of having to explain myself to people! As though I should care what people think about what genre or style I align myself with. Like some rich bourgeois poser from a middle class family who pretends to rebel, making out he’s damaged and that no one understands. But really he’s just trying to get laid… There’s no love or respect for the music. It’s just a phase for them… Hang on, I’ve just realized I’ll stop ranting… Ugh, it’s because I was talking to some guy earlier and he just went on and on about *the struggle* you know?!.. I mean! His Dad bought him a brand new car this year! and he’s 32! What struggle?! He’s not even moved out yet, when he could, because he actually has a good job!.. I feel like I only go to open night mic nights nowadays to just get annoyed at people.”

DMA:  “Hah, well I guess you could call that your struggle!”

Chase:  “Hah! You’re not kidding, haha! But yeah anyway, the band had been going from around 2005, up until 2019. So, 14 years! That’s a long time now I think about it. Never really thought about how much time had actually passed before. I started young with it, I was 17 when we started the band. 31 when we split. Nothings really changed for us lot though, we still hang out like we always have. The only difference being that we just do our own thing with music now instead, you know!? “

DMA:  “Yeah, I’ve talked to Rip Damon in private about some of the things that happened with the band. He didn’t disclose anything about yourself though, he said it’d be better coming from you.”

Chase:  “Yeah, he’s fair like that. We’d all been talking about it for years really, we were all writing our own stuff, some of us had things they just want to go and do. Create our own things. I personally was wanting to go more experimental with my own stuff, with out any restrictions.”

DMA:  “Well, I know there’s more to it than that. I know there was an event that triggered the decision… And I know we’ve definitely got to talk about that.”

Chase:  “You mean the break up… My break up… Yeah, I’m gonna be honest mate! I  really don’t like going there, In my head. It destroyed me… And when it happened, I was done… So that was the best time for everyone to just take some time for themselves, you know!… I don’t want to get into the details today though… So let’s just say, my break up was the catalyst in starting up what we had already had planned out for a while.”

DMA:  “Chase, thanks for sharing. you don’t need to go into it today, we’ll cover it another time. When you’re ready. But at least we now know the why… So how about maybe for now, we just talk about what the band was all about.”

Chase:  “Yeah ok! ahh, so like I said earlier, we’d been together for about 14 years, but I’d say, 10 of those were us being active, you know! Like gigs and all that. Those empty 4 years were kind of just little breaks and time spent reworking our sets, you know!”

DMA:  “So were you guys, quite proactive when it came to making new material?”

Chase:  “Oh yeah absolutely! I’m always writing something, whether or not it’d become something we’d actually use, wasn’t that important, because it’s just what I do. For myself more than anything. But sometimes I just really had to get something out there, you know! I’d write everything, because I had the whole piece in my head. When I’d show the band something new, I’d tell them what I wanted and what sort of sound I wanted in what places.. And that synchronization with what I wanted, they just played it. Like, they all just knew what was going on in my head. I’ve played with loads of other people, other bands… And I’ve had not had any pure, synchronicities, not like I’ve ever had with these guys. We just worked, it’s like when you solve a puzzle and everything just fits together. No friction, no egos, no stress… It just worked… We’d usually work on around 4 tracks a month, although most of them never got recorded. We’d just test them out, see what the crowd thought, and judge it that way… If they didn’t like it, we’d scrap it!”

“We just worked, it’s like when you solve a puzzle and everything just fits together. No friction, no egos, no stress… It just worked… “

I really enjoyed this interview. I’d been wanting to meet Chase since I first heard about him. He comes across as a really cool guy, he’s got his head screwed on and I like that. Unfortunately I had to leave the official interview there though. There’s definitely plenty more I want to talk to him about, which will be brought up in the next interview, hopefully very soon!   

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A First Glance At Chase Lumen

A First Glance At Chase Lumen



A First Glance At Chase Lumen

R3cords has just announced the signing of chase lumen, a very talented singer songwriter and pianist. Chase also has a very close history with one of r3cords’s other artists, Rip Damon. And Here’s why. ↓

A First Glance At Chase Lumen

Some of you may already know Chase through association with Rip Damon. And for those of you that don’t, first we’re going to have to talk about the now disbanded, underground progressive indie band ‘Chase And The Dead’. The band consisted of four members, Chase Lumen (Frontman), Rip Damon (guitarist), Katherine Arcana (Drums) and Kris “Bubby Bass” Buntin (Bassist). 

 The band was managed by the R3cords Artist Manager, Biggs Malone. Whom has endeavored tirelessly to keep up relations with each band member since the break-up. It’s important to note that the band didn’t break-up due to anything like stress, there were no differences in opinions or any actual fall-out between the members themselves. It was an entirely mutual break-up.

That being said there where a lot of deeply personal reasons,  emphasizing towards the conception of this break-up. Chase being no exception to this. With Biggs being the pioneering artist manager he is, could see that this provided an opportunity to conduct the members in a way where they can still all work together, whilst still being independent of each other as time goes on.   

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The signing of Chase Lumen to R3cords means many great things to the label. The biggest reason being that Chase now has his platform to carry on being the artist he is, and working with the people that love him. An opportunity that many artists wouldn’t normally get. The negotiator of Chases contract, Biggs; hasn’t just operated on a professional capacity with Chase, but a personal friend. His statement on the matter follows;

“I’ve known Chase for a very long time, and I don’t know another songwriter like him. He’s honest and daring, he’s innovative and talented in a way that I’ve just never seen in anybody else come close to being. I’ve seen and heard him write some amazing works, but still I don’t think I’ve seen his best yet. He’s got it in him, I know he has… And he can take as much time as he needs to just do what he does best, to just do what he’s here for… It has absolutely broken my heart, seeing him go through what he is going through. He’s one my closest friends and giving him this outlet is something I know will bring him back to the Chase I’ve always known.”    


Unfortunately right now Biggs is not giving any more information into Chases personal life, stating; “When Chase is ready to talk, he will.” 

A Statement from R3cords’s Executive, Mr Stuart, follows;

“Signing someone at a low is extremely unorthodox, but I trust Biggs Malone. And with that I go with my own philosophy; That it’s a labels job to nurture talent and to cultivate that talent, because true perseverance really takes a village… or in this case, a team. And that’s exactly what this label is… That said, I have high hopes for Chase Lumen, his piano skills are incredible and from what I’ve heard from him so far, I’m very impressed! To add, I have zero doubt in Biggs’s judgement as a professional, he’s definitely the best there is out there. I’ll say this and I mean it seriously. What he says goes! You don’t need my opinion if you have his already. If Biggs says Chase Lumen is the next Bowie, Mercury, Hendrix, Cobain or Madonna just like he said to me! Then yeah! He definitely absolutely could be.”      


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