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Hi, my name is Prince of Darkness, I was named this at birth. I don’t know what my parents were thinking to be honest, maybe they were high. I don’t know. Try explaining that one at customs, or to literally every single person you meet, ever.

As a sound designer I’m a big fan of many auditory engineered production based techniques that have particular effects on the brain, such as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), leaning towards frequency based auditorily induced relaxation. I also enjoy working with moods, creating my own classification models that offer more alternatives away from overly saturated traditional derivatives.

As a musician and producer I’m always excited about starting the next big project, creating an idea in my head and then manifesting it into reality. Every note, every beat, every single nuance and overtone.

I’ve recently partnered up with a friend of mine, Chase Lumen. We’re going to be working together on a lot of tracks, Chase will be providing vocals! Everything we’ve played around with so far sounds great, and I’m really excited for the future!

I love so many styles of music, I don’t like tying myself down to any, I just love creating new pieces. Everything lofi is my obsession. I love recording beautiful instruments, and then destroying the richness and pureness of them. Leaving in just parts, fragments of the instruments frequencies. They’re the only parts needed to convey the story I want you to feel.     








Table Dancer




Sleeping on the

Back Seat

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