Prince of Darkness

Hi, my name is Prince of Darkness, I was named this at birth; don’t ask why. My favorite thing in the whole world is making music, there’s just so much cool stuff out there, I just wanna put my stuff out there too you know! 

I’ve been creating music my whole life. It all started the day that I manifested a levitating sound-system called Luci, I know it sounds farfetched but it actually happened. Proof. 

I’ve recently partnered up with a friend of mine, Chase Lumen. We’re going to be working together on a lot of tracks, Chase will be providing vocals! Everything we’ve played around with so far sounds great, and I’m really excited for the future!


Witches - Debut Album

When they asked me what genre to tag this album as I said “Lofi everything!” which makes sense, but makes it much more difficult when stores don’t even recognize barely any of the many many genres and subgenres that are around nowadays anyway. Great album though! 

Witches - Album Trailer

by Prince of Darkness

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Anotherworld - Single

This one’s kind of a lofi drum and bass blend with dark undertones that low key scream out that the nineties are long gone and time has degraded everything to the point that the cassette tape is overly scratched out, but it’s ok because now we just stream stuff instead. 

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Table Dancer - Single

A nice downbeat lofi Hip Hop style chilled out beat, featuring a highly transformatively produced saxophone that is so well done you can’t even tell how perfect the original recording was. Fun fact! the song title is actually name of the character in the cover art, not a stripper reference.

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Survive - Single

This expressive experimental track although different from what I produce now, it still has very dark undertones. At the time when this track was released, I was actually toying with the idea of committing to a more alternative pop style like this.

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Sleeping on the Backseat - Debut Single

This is my debut track. It’s quite an interesting track, it’s got a high energy rhythm but still I still managed to keep it low key and really chill. It’s kind of like a duck on the water, relaxed on top but kicking away underneath. An nice blend of Lofi-Techno with ASMR.

Sleeping on the Backseat - Trailer

by Prince of Darkness

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